Pre-sales tech support is very important for an Organization and it is actually quite neglected in the industry. A good solutions provider will always pay attention to the support before sales to the benefit of the customer.

Our pre-sales support activities include:

1. Solutions Engineering

We will actually sit down with you explain to you how our solution will fit into your Organization’s bigger picture / workflow and how are you going to business benefit from implementing it. All our Solutions Engineering docs include a ROI analysis / projection.

2. Custom Solutions Proposals Design

When your company is implementing a solution from scratch we will show you in details the blocks, milestones, time tables and personnel necessary to implement that solution. We will also explain you why do we recommend a certain technology vs. another and how does everything fit into your business model to drive business for your Organization.

3. Standard Q&A sessions with tech staff at the customer site

All our staff is specialized and can address detailed in-depth technical questions your personnel on site may have prior to implementing a business solution.

4. Field trips for business analysis / requirements gathering

We routinely make field trips to our customers sites to participate into meetings, gather requirements, conduct business analysis or sometimes just to see the client’s operations at work in order to design a better more reliable and cost effective solution for them. Our field trips are consultative rather than “salesy” or “pitchy”.