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The other day somebody asked me to give him 10 quick facts about Backbone.js. I thought it was a good idea to write a blog on it as well. And here they are.

1. Models = main source of information; they also are the place where the objects are defined

2. On Backbone is a good idea to structure your code in models (which store the data), routers (which can be seen as URLs to your own application) and views (which will hold pages).

3. You can connect Backbone to Django

4. Backbone is basically a JavaScript library developed in 2010 by Jeremy Ashkenas when he was working at NY Times

5. Backbone.js follows a MVP paradigm and has a RESTful JSON interface

6. Collections = they are disciplined, ordered way to organize models

7. Backbone is used a lot in conjunction with the “single-page” application philosophy

8. Routers = they are ways to create URLs for the application

9. Backbone. js is used by companies like Airbnb, Groupon, Forsquare, Digg and Pinterest

10. Views = ways to create a visual representation for our application

Make it a great day!

Adrian Corbuleanu
Miami Beach, FL


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