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Hi guys, it’s been a while! We were so busy working with our dear clients and have not had a chance to work on our own website.

It happens.

You get to work more on your clients websites or mobile apps than you get to work on your own.

Nonetheless we have news:

(1) We are currently slowly but steadily expanding in US based key IT markets: San Francisco, Seattle and NYC are the first three markets on our list to be added during 2018 and we have Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas for 2019. Expansion plans also include Raleigh, Boston and Atlanta for 2020.

(2) Expanding in these markets means that we are both recruiting local US based competent resources and bidding on contracts

(3) Our new model allows for local developers to work hand in hand with the client with the opportunity to spend face to face time on site while still providing for remote work

(4) Over the last two years our offshore team consolidated and became stronger. While their percentage of assigned projects will go down, they will remain an important piece of the puzzle and will continue to contribute to controlling cost.

(5) We will continue to offer independent contractors types of resources allowing our clients to approach projects in an economical and agile way (the ability to scale teams up and down fast)

(6) On the technologies side we built a core portfolio around open source technologies (mainly WP and LAMP) with native mobile applications for iOS and Android (while of course we can successfully tackle many more technologies than these)

(7) With our recent initiatives in Florida and California we started to work two industry verticals very significant in these States: Tourism & Hospitality and Marine & Vessels. The initial portfolio consists of a custom WP site to book travel and accommodations and an Android mobile application for a boats brokerage company.

(8) We still get quite a few requests from start-ups. While paying attention to this market and addressing most of these requests, we recognize the higher risk and uncertainty these types of projects present and decided to gear our business more towards established SMEs, educational institutions and mid size firms. During 2018 we will also have an initiative to pursue large shops projects as a subcontractor.

During 2018, while growing our b2b web and mobile development practice, we will also have a couple of really exciting initiatives in the fields of IoT, AI and ML! Stay tuned.

Make it a great day!

Adrian @ WWS


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