1. Where are your developers located?

Most of our developers are currently located in the US.

2. For how long have you been in business?

In November of 2017 the company will celebrate it’s 7th anniversary. The owner of the company had independent web development initiatives 2 years prior to that date and he was in the software development business for 20+ years.

3. How do you guys work and how do you charge?

We work on industry standard retainer agreements. A blend of monthly and yearly contracts are offered depending on the length of the project and resources workload. We also offer on-going maintenance and support agreements. Please be advised that, even if we occasionally help out Miami based start-ups, we do not work on equity or profit share.

4. What do you do different than your local competition?

We pick up the phone the first ring when somebody calls us. We do not over estimate neither drag projects out. We do not assign three projects at a time per shared resource between three clients. We also offer a blend of value added services through our business partners: ask us about our ability to bridge the gap with the investors community, our relationships with on line marketing and branding companies.

5. What were some of your biggest clients?

They were a regional financial services firm in Brickel, a larger than average start-up in Miami, a charter school in Chicago, a marketing company in Boca and a professional services company in Brickel.

6. What do you guys do for certain verticals such as education, e-commerce or CMS?

There are certain industries / verticals where we will have more experience than in others. We did a lot of work on e-commerce solutions, websites for schools, B2B portals, Content Management Systems, on line search & retrieve systems for services related companies. More recently we got involved in solutions for Travel & Hospitality and Marine Vessels Brokerage. You can bring your solution for your particular industry to the table and we can discuss it.

We are currently very interested in developing our schools and education portfolio as it serves the children and parents needs and it is a stable long term source of projects.

7. Does your company just do mobile apps or websites as well?

We position ourselves as a consulting company that develops data driven applications including mobile applications, websites, portals, B2B solutions, e-commerce/shopping carts, databases, CRMs etc. Just stating “websites” or “mobile apps” will actually be too generic and it would not accurately describe everything that we do. We do both web and mobile development but specifically that type of development where the online solution moves data and the data is important to the client business, to their customers and to their decision makers.

8. How do you get most of your clients?

We are very active in the local tech community of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale where we participate in a lot of tech events, workshops, conferences, professional associations etc. A lot of our business is via direct marketing at these events and word of mouth.

We are very active on professional social media as well. This is mainly LinkedIn Organic and LinkedIn Pro but more recently also on Twitter and Facebook. We post a lot of valuable free content and respond to requests posted on line. We currently have about 4,500+ followers on LinkedIn.

We are also currently active bidders on UpWork projects where we only bid on US based projects.

We have been featured on Clutch.co.

We are also working on expanding on our relationships with partners from complementary niches such as Graphic Design, SEO, Online Marketing and IT Services and non-competing software development partners involved in complementary industries and during 2018 we plan to attend a number of Regional and National Trade Shows and Tech Conferences.