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We have been asking this question during our interviews with mobile developers. We have seen some apps in the marketplace (including the b2b marketplace) where the UI is not correctly designed, i.e. it works well on some devices but it does not scale well at resolution on other devices.

The developers basically designed in absolute rather than relative coordinates and more likely did not test enough their applications with different kinds of devices.

So the question is very simple: “How do you design mobile UI to make sure it is cross compatible on all kind of mobile devices including most of models of Android and iPhone smartphones and tablets?”

Surprisingly enough quite a few of the developers we interview cannot address this question. Some of them do though and those who do will have a + in being considered for the job.

The answer should sound pretty much like this:

(1) I create an array where I store the screen sizes of the mobile devices

I can get comprehensive lists of device screen sizes and screen resolutions from Apple’s and Google’s sites:



(2) I then define all the coordinates of my graphical elements in the UI relative to the elements of this array

This can be done either in percentages of the coordinates or using straight forward +/- formulas.

That way we make sure all my graphical elements in the UI will nicely scale up and down on all kinds of devices.

And, of course, resolution of the elements should be taken into account too, i.e. for graphical elements like logos, buttons, images etc.

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