We are currently actively recruiting for the following positions:

Software development opportunities

1. Full stack mobile developer (NYC or NJ based)

We are looking to augment our team with an experienced, professional, easy to work with full stack mobile developer physically located or with immediate access to NYC. The incumbent will be open to occasionally travel to customers sites to gather specs, attend meetings or even work out of their offices (as the customer requires).

Position is contract based and it requires::

  • 7+ total years of experience in full stack development
  • Competence on one or more of the following platforms: LAMP, ASP.NET, MEAN, RoR, WP, Joomla!, Drupal
  • Superb presentation, time management and communication skills
  • Outstanding customer service skills (we mean it and we stand for it)
  • A humble, laid-back, team player type of personality (no superegos will be recruited)

We will give priority to candidates who can show significant portfolio and customers references.

Interested candidates please submit your resume, best hourly rates and two business related references to jobs@wittywebnow.com. Individual contributors only, no companies.

Sales and Marketing Opportunities

2. Leads Generator (2 positions)

Hard working, consistent individual with a strong sense of ownership and the ability to unveil new business. Increases awareness in the marketplace for our company’s service offerings by directly bidding on online projects.

  • Locates new web and mobile development leads that are aligned with our company’s mission
  • Bids on projects on platforms like UpWork.com and LinkedInPro
  • Utilizes modern online and offline marketing techniques to generate leads
  • Experience in positioning web and mobile based application development services for the following industries: marketing and mobile sales leads generation, services, education, real estate, legal services, sports and celebrities, healthcare
  • Excellent e-mail and forms submission skills with a high degree of accuracy and superb spelling and formatting of text
  • Ability to effectively interface and communicate with the Company’s in-house Sales Managers / Closers who will work on closing the generated new leads
  • Superb English and fantastic work ethic

This is an excellent opportunity for a contractor who already worked in bidding on Upwork and had a great rate of success on the platform. The position pays a fixed monthly salary. There is a quota of 300 quality bids a month.

Interested candidates please submit your resume and three business related references to jobs@wittywebnow.com